This is a minimally invasive procedure used to make subtle changes and improvement in the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions, with no skin colour change or scarring.

During microdermabrasion, the small tube is placed on your skin which will simultaneously vacuum in your skin during the strikes. Think of this as working like a high-powered mechanical scrub.

Microdermabrasion is considered a safe procedure for most skin types and colours. Just one treatment leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and looking radiant. It can be repeated at average intervals of two to four weeks for continued improvement. Usually, multiple treatments (six to 12 sessions) are recommended to see a noticeable improvement.

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Pre-Procedure Care

  • No sun exposure for 2 weeks
  • No exfoliating 3 days prior treatment
  • No waxing or threading or depilatory creams
  • No bleaching agents for 2 weeks

Post-Procedure Care

  • No sun exposure for 2 weeks
  • SPF 30+ daily
  • No waxing/ threading/depilatory

Next 24 hours

  • No hot showers, pools or hot tubs
  • No lotions, fragrances or irritants
  • No excessive scrubbing or sweating


You are invited to find our up to date answers to some of your questions about services offered at AK Care. We will be happy to meet with you in person for more specific inquiries.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion uses an adjustable applicator head that removes dead surface skin cells and initiates cellular turnover at the dermis and epidermis level in a safe controlled manner. This approach respects the integrity of the skin and promotes even healing. Maintaining even cellular growth on the surface aids in the youthfulness of the skin’s appearance. Microdermabrasion has been used to treat sun-damaged skin, some types of acne, and acne scarring, altered pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Results may include improved skin tone, fewer breakouts, diminished appearance of scars, even skin color, refined skin pores, renewed elasticity, and a healthy glow.

What should you expect during your treatment?

Prior to your first microdermabrasion, as your esthetician, we will perform a thorough skin analysis. If microdermabrasion is not appropriate, you are informed during the session and an alternative treatment may be recommended instead. If microdermabrasion is for you, maximum results are obtained by participating in a series of treatments in addition to following a home care regimen. To further enhance your outcome, we require that you used products specifically directed towards obtaining correction.

What are microdermabrasion treatments good for?

Maintaining healthy skin or correcting fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation (age spots and sun damage,) uneven skin tone, mild to moderate acne, oily skin, dull, lifeless skin, and aging skin.

How much time does microdermabrasion take?

The most common treated area is the face and takes 20-30 minutes. The neck and other areas of the body are safe to treat as well, but will increase service time. A face, neck, and chest service usually takes 45 minutes.

What should I ask my microdermabrasion consultant?

Depending on the condition of your skin and the desired results, the number of treatments will vary. You should discuss your health history to determine if microdermabrasion is the best treatment for you. At AK Care we will determine your skin type and help you set reasonable and achievable goals.

How often can I have microdermabrasion?

This depends entirely on your skin. For reparative treatments, we recommend every 10-14 days. Lighter treatments can be received as soon as 7 days apart.

For maintenance purposes, we recommend every 4 weeks. The cells naturally turn every 28-40 days. To ensure they proliferate (multiply) rapidly, we need to shock the skin by removing the “protective” layer of skin (stratum corneum.) By removing this layer, the basal layer (where daughter cells are produced) will be forced to replicate the cells. This will promote collagen and elastin production and thicken the skin layers.

Can I go back to work after microdermabrasion?

You sure can! Your skin may appear red for a few hours after the service, but that will subside. The stimulation of blood flow to the upper layers of the skin causes the appearance of redness, and this is a good thing.

Before embarking on any treatments, AK Care recommends to have a one to one consult with Dr. AK or our aesthetician. During this session skin and facial assessment will be done. Mutual decision is made as to what treatments can be done. As you all may know, medical and cosmetic skin care is overlooked in lots of people.

Home regimen remedies and professional treatments are routinely needed based on your skin type, colour, ageing and expectation. We ensure that all our patient stay happy and satisfied in their skin.

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Dr. AK offers specialized services in holistic skin health and anti-aging procedures.

During your consultation & skin and facial assessment, mutual decision is made as to what treatments can be done. We ensure that all our patient stay happy and satisfied in their skin.